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The term 'Printing' covers a huge range of techniques, and uses. From traditional lithographic printing, to inkjet, laser, thermography, letterpress and more, it can be difficult to find the right solution for your project.  Recreate provide all the services under the printing spectrum, and some new one's that aren't such as laser cutting and engraving!


We can work with you to produce business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters, booklets, banners, die cut folders, presentation boxes, packaging, point of sales, signage, labels, in-store graphics, wallpaper, direct mail, and so much more.


Below are a few examples of how the various types of printing may be used:



An old and traditional method of printing, most often nowadays used for bespoke high end invitations, packaging, striking business cards, and other small run documents that require a unique look and feel.



Using a roll of foil, an image is applied via a metalic block, to give a very distinctive look to any document. Ofen used as a security feature, or to give a premium feel to stationery and packaging.



The most commonly used method of printing, and most cost effective (depending on the product) on higher runs of marketing materials such as leaflets, brochures, catalogues, folders and packaging. Using the CMYK inks, the press can produce high quality images using wet inks applied to the media via printing plates.



For larger runs of jobs such as signage, a silk screen is used to expose an image onto, which is then either set to print by hand or semi-automatically using screen inks.


The early commercial digital presses used a dry toner system to produce an image, which wasn't truely comparable to lithogaphic printing, but the benefits of digital printing included the ability to produce highly personalised marketing and direct mail at cost effective prices, With the many advances in this technology over the years it is very close to litho quality, and in some cases even better. From small runs of business cards, flyers, leaflets and poster, through to personalised marketing pieces, digital is growing year on year.



Inkjet printers produce a HD image by laying down ink in drops, with various resolutions for instance they can produce excellent quality photographic prints at high resolution, or for standard point of sale purposes a regular quality is sufficient.



This process has many used, from producing full colour clothing jobs, to promotional products, giving a striking image on products such as mugs. A growing sector is the printing onto fabrics, which are then used to produce interiors, garments or backdrops.

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